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Sell Your Unused Diabetic Test Strips for Cash

It is important for people with diabetes to have blood sugar testing kits. Diabetic patients usually receive a supply of diabetic test strips from different manufacturers and it happens that there is oversupply and so there are many test strips that remain unused. These diabetic test strips are only good for a certain period of time and so if they remain unused, they will just end up being thrown away. Today, you will find many companies that buy extra, unused diabetic test strips for cash. If you send these unused boxes of diabetic test strips to companies that buy them, then you will have cash in return for the strips.

If you want to receive cash for your extra diabetic test strips, then you simply send your boxes of unused test strips to the companies that buy them. You will find online companies that actually receive these extra diabetic strips. If you submit your information to the company buying diabetic test strips, they will send you a box big enough to fit the extra strips which is postage paid, and all you need to do is to pack the unused test strips and send the box back to the company. You just need to add the packaging slip from the package along with your name and home address and you will get the check along with the affirmation. Packing and sending the strips is not a difficult thing to do. When the company receives you unused test strips, they are gathered and made available to others. Check the boxes before you send them and make sure that they are not broken. Don’t expect a crushed box to be approved.

The test strips should not be expiring in the next 6 months. Half the promised cost will be paid for test strips that will expire in less than 6 months. When they expire in under 3 months, the no payment will likely be made to you. These diabetic test strips are needed in many places. Between brand names, prices vary for different brand types. If you lessen your possession of your diabetic test strips and sell some, then you can make some profit from it. If the test strips that you have is not enough to ship, then you can ask your friends and relatives if they have extras to give. If you can make money from things you don’t anymore have use of then you should make use of this.

If you are receiving more test strips regularly, then your supply will soon be too much. People have extra test strips for several reasons. Sometimes doctors change the brand of your test strips and so supplies for our current brand will remain unused. Perhaps you don’t have to test yourself so often or the relative who is using them has gone into medical residence. There are many other reason why people have extra unused test strips in their homes.

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