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Understanding More about Facebook Ads and Google Ads and How to Merge them to Work Together
According to research, an average American spend ample time every day on Facebook and probably on the google search engine. Due to this, various establishments are now looking into marketing their products and services through Facebook ads and google ads. While all tee techniques are quite effective, there are certain things that makes them different. The following is a guide to help you understands more about Facebook ads and Google ads.
You have probably seen a number of Facebook ads popping up on your newsfeed. The most noticeable type of Facebook ads are usually in the form of a video or a photo with a content convincing you to take an action. There are also certain ads that normally appear at the right panel and are mobile friendly. On the other hand, google ads are popular methods of advertisement an a bit more effective. The mainly use specific keywords to link an ad to your establishment. The effectiveness of the google ads will highly depend on how competitive the keywords are.
various industries and businesses have much to benefit from using Facebook ads and google ads. Google ads will mainly help you drive more traffic to your website while Facebook ads can help you display much information about a product. Although both are ideal when it comes to brand exposure, you will need to use all of them for full ad campaign.
Facebook ads and Google ads can suit any business size as long as you work out your budget in regard to your financial situation. Facebook ads charge as per the duration of the ads and this means that the longer they run, the more you will spend. Nevertheless, other things will equally contribute to the pricing and they include visibility and outreach. On the other hand, google ads charge based on number of clicks on the ad and the strength of the keywords.
Targeting is one of the main things that set Facebook ads and google ads apart. In google, you will be upon you to find the most suitable keyword to reach out to your audience. But, Facebook usually have more options for targeting. You have a lot of demographic areas to choose for and such may be gender, location and interest.
Although there are differences between Facebook ads and google ads, you will ensure the most effective advertisement campaign if you merge them together. The only thing you have to ensure is that you determine your audience well so that you can effectively target your ads. Google ads are quite short so they are the best for getting straight to the point but on the other hand, Facebook gives you enough space to sell so you can utilize it to the maximum.

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