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What to Expect from Your Botox Brow Lift.
A botox brow lift is a medical procedure done to enhance beauty. However, doing a botox brow lift is not a typical assurance of a wrinkle free holiday season. It is however certain that you can enjoy a couple of months looking a little more younger. Both your brows and your beauty are raised due to this procedure. It is therefore advised to gift yourself with such a procedure from Radiance Wellness & Beauty.
Knowledge about the treatment should be the first thing to expect. Specific muscles are targeted through injection of botulinum. This procedure is used by doctors to treat rigid paralysis. The botox procedure may also be used for plastic surgery to remove wrinkles. Muscle tension and collagen and elastin breakdown bring about wrinkles as we age. Botulinum on the other hand relaxes specific muscles that cause depression when they contract. Your skin is made smooth as a result. The botox procedure is carried out on different parts of the face. Eyebrows are raised through this non invasive procedure for a good shape. What may also result is the smoothening of your forehead.
Secondly, the other thing to expect from your botox brow lift treatment is the safety assured by it. Intimidation may arise from the botulism toxin. Botox treatments are really safe. This is because dilution of the botulism toxin is done. This avoids any noxious effects of the toxin and takes advantage of its usefulness. This guarantees its safety.
Another thing to be expected from your botox brow lift treatment is the length of the procedure. About 10-15 minutes could be taken for the procedure. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience to your schedule, you can plan to have the procedure done over lunch break.
The other expectation of a botox brow lift treatment is the immediate results. However, not much difference is noted immediately. Within a period of seven days, the outcome may be as expected.
The outcomes of the botox brow lift treatment should be the next thing to expect. Redness in the area can be one of the thing to be expected. This occurs just a short time after the procedure. Some people may experience some side effects like soreness, headache and numbness. The occurrence of serious side effects is however rare. The following should be followed after the procedure. Do not rub the affected area for 4 hours,don’t lie flat or bend over for 4 hours, strenuous activity and sweating should be avoided for 24 hours and don’t submerge your face in water.
The lasting of the injection is another thing to expect. It may last up to 3-4 months. It may take also an year. For look maintenance, it is advised to repeat treatment around the third month.

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